April 2019 Newsletter


"Temptation of Adam"

Hi folks! On Monday I announced my departure from Twisted Pine to focus on my solo career and today I bring you the first of the batch of singles that I will be releasing this summer. I've recorded four of my favorite cover songs that have become staples of my solo sets.  First up: Josh Ritter's apocalyptic love song, "Temptation of Adam." It's now streaming on SpotifyApple Music, and everywhere else!  If you'd like to download it, visit my Bandcamp page to do so. 

Red Line Roots did a lovely write up about it here!

Digital Store Open!

You can now order physical copies of my debut EP Anything Worth Doing on my digital store!

Atwood's Summer Sunday Residency

I'm testing out some new songs and sounds this summer at Atwood's Tavern where I'll be playing three shows in JuneJuly, and August with a FULL BAND!  Each show will be unique, so I would highly suggest you grabbing tickets to all three, if you can.

Direct-to-Vinyl Recording 

AUDIOPHILES REJOICE: I'll be doing a direct-to-vinyl live session at Leesta Vall Studio in Brooklyn, NY recording live takes of my songs onto 7” lathe cut vinyl.  No two orders are the same!   You can choose from among 7 of my originals on the pre-order site, but I will consider special song requests.  Since each record contains a completely unique, one-of-a-kind performance, you can also request a personalized message from me.  

If you already pre-ordered, you may have noticed your lack of vinyl in the mail...don't worry -- it's not lost!  Due to some last minute family concerns, I had to reschedule my March studio date.  We are working on booking another date very soon!




Thursday, 4.25 I'm opening for the bewitching Providence band Arc Iris for the last show of their April Thursday Lizard Lounge Residency.  Not one to miss -- they always know how to put on a show that matches the fearlessness of their music.

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Saturday, 6.01 I'll be opening for the fabulous Mark Erelli at The Barn in Egremont, MA.  More details coming soon, but be sure to watch their calendar for the ticket link!

Sunday, 6.16 Show Número UNO of my aforementioned Atwood's Tavern residency!!  It also happens to be Father's Day!  Treat your dad to a night of music out on the town.  I promise it's the gift he didn't know he wanted.

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Sunday, 6.16 Show Número DOS of the Atwood's Tavern residency!!

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Sunday, 6.16 And, the final installment of my Atwood's Tavern residency.

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Lately, I've been watching the documentary mini-series, Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, which is conveniently on Netflix right now.  One of my favorite college classes was on Folklore and Mythology where the concept of the monomyth, or the hero's journey, was revealed to me.  It's presented in a conversational format at Skywalker Ranch (because why not?) moderated by Bill Moyers.  I highly recommend this for everyone: it's a good jumping-off point for writers who need a little inspiration and an informative way for enjoyers of folk stories/music to more easily identify, understand, and appreciate patterns that come up within the genre time and time again.

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- R

Rachel Sumner