August 2019 Newsletter

from the new “Bygone Times” video

from the new “Bygone Times” video

New Video: "Bygone Times"
Tomorrow, Sound Drift Sessions will be releasing a video of my song "Bygone Times," aptly filmed in a Goorin Brothers Hat Shop, a place seemingly from a bygone era itself. Fun fact: the nylon string guitar I'm using for this song has only 5 strings and is tuned with a low 'b' on the bottom (BxDGBD).
Watch it before everyone else here!

Atwood's Residency: THE FINAL NIGHT
As we're getting into the dog days, I wanted to be sure to remind you to stay hydrated and cool - all things you can do at Atwood's Tavern on August 18th (they have AC, folks!). You have ONE LAST chance to see the magic!
Don't miss it!

Tickets >> August 18th

Songwriting Classes!
I am so pleased to say I'll be coming back to the Passim School of Music to resume teaching my two songwriting classes. Both will be 6-week courses that meet Monday evenings, beginning on September 9th. Classes go on sale here on August 5th!

A Song That Haunts
In this class — part investigation, part workshop — we will explore how to write haunting songs by dissecting a handful of the best. Watch a video introduction here.

After The Song Hits: The Next Steps of Songwriting
Lyrics? Check. Melody? Check! Now what?
The life cycle of your song has just begun! In After the Song Hits: The Next Steps of Songwriting, you’ll learn the next steps and set of skills you’ll need to get your song ready for recording and for other’s to play it. We’ll workshop arrangements, and learn about chart making and basic demoing. By the end of this class you’ll have a strong sense of your song and the confidence to let the world know about it!
Requirement: you need to have only ONE complete song (lyrics, chords, & melody) that we can work on throughout the class.

Thursday, 8.01 Cambridge, MA I'll be playing a DUO set with the fabulous bassist Adam Gurczak at the FREE Arts & Craft Brews mini festival sponsored by Maud Morgan Visual Arts Center. I go on at 7:30pm, but the festivities begin at 6pm!
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Sunday, 8.18 Cambridge, MA *FULL BAND* The final installment of my Atwood's Tavern residency!! Please, please come to this. This band is smokin' hot!
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Sunday, 8.24 Nashua, NH *SOLO* I'm looking forward to opening for the powerhouse band Say Darling at Riverwalk Cafe & Music Bar.
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Producing The Beatles

This podcast makes me ridiculously excited to be alive and a creator in a world where The Beatles' music exists.

Thank you for subscribing and reading! I hope to see you soon.

- R

Rachel Sumner